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MOTF #6 | Plovdiv | BUL 2018
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MOTF#6 – „Murals of The Past – Murals Of The Future“, public performances for ADATA Air, Plovdiv/BG, 2018

During a two weeks residency in Plovdiv, Cultural Capital of Europe 2019, Besser and Schwarzer researched on socialist murals and monuments. On the one hand they found numerous public murals, monuments and cast stones which prove the strong mural production of Bulgaria during socialist time. On the other hand in the public library Ivan Vazov Besser and Schwarzer found original sketches of realized murals in this era.

During their stay the artists realized various performances on-site-at monuments, over murals and in public space. They included found materials and interacted on murals of the past. The performance hold at Hillock of Fraternity monument was accompanied by the local musician Nick Chongarovi. 

Photos by Stefan Schwarzer and Jens Besser